Obadiah, from Australia to Scotland with love for coffee and  sustainability

Obadiah, from Australia to Scotland with love for coffee and sustainability

Obadiah Coffee Roasters is the Scottish specialty coffee roaster that was born from an Australian dream, and has grown to be a perfect example of sustainability

Obadiah Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster founded by Sam and Alice Young: based in Edinburgh (Scotland), its story began far away in time and in space. Sam grew up in Perth, Australia, and his love of specialty coffee dates back to the time he started working at 5 Senses, a cool specialty coffee roaster based in Melbourne: here he developed his tastes, learning how to be a good barista and roaster, and it was also here that Sam decided that he would one day open his own coffee roastery. And then the encounter with Alice, originally from Edinburgh and, after years spent together down-under, the decision to move back to Scotland ready to open their own coffee roastery. 

Obadiah Coffee

It was 2017 and Obadiah Coffee Roasters was born, with the goal of sharing clean and honest coffees with the local community.  Obadiah’s goal was – and still is – rather simple: to take coffee roasting back to its roots, keeping things simple, with a strong focus on sustainability and kindness.  And even just by looking at Obadiah’s coffee boxes, it’s easy to understand that what is really important here is not only the coffee but all the people in the back of it, the independent farms who produce it, whose names are so prominently displayed on each and every packaging. 

Obadiah Coffee

The coffee itself is delicately roasted with only one profile for each coffee, to avoid any unnatural alterations of its flavour profile and to accurately represent all the variables the coffee farmers have worked with in the growing process, from the altitude of the farm to the soil type, from the coffee varietal to the selected processing method.  

Moreover, the coffee boxes and bags keep the works toward sustainability by having a low environment impact: the bags and their valves are both recyclable, and the boxes and sleeves are made from recycled coffee cups. 


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Obadiah Coffee


(Est. 2017)
4-5 The Arches, Abbeyhill
Edinburgh EH8 8EE
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Article byTanya Nanetti

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