About us

We are a small team with a big dream-to become the most exciting subscription service for specialty coffee. Founders husband & wife Tim & Aiko are based in London. Tim, the face of The Right Roast is a filmmaker and the ‘brawn’. Aiko, is the producer, the person behind the camera and the ‘brains’.  

From a simple love for specialty coffee and with skills as filmmaker and photographer, we started The Right Roast as a fun & informative Youtube channel in 2013. We quickly found out many people didn’t know what third wave coffee was and felt passionately that we wanted to help spread the word on this new coffee revolution to a wider audience.

Since 2013 we have made hundreds of videos around the world, we’ve curated and sold coffees at market stalls and we even created a unique subscription service called Taster Set featuring three coffees from a different city each time paired with bonus videos made by us. The website and business we have today is the natural development and evolution of our vision.


Our Mission

Third wave coffee (more commonly known as specialty coffee) is so much more than just coffee (especially compared with the commercial slop you can buy in supermarkets or a typical high street cafe, which is mass produced and sits on the shelves for months. Specialty coffee is different. Specialty coffee is an adventure into flavours you never thought the humble coffee bean could produce. A drink that has now become as wonderfully varied and complex as wine. Also like wine, specialty coffee has categories such as origins, processes and bean variety, which at first can seem a bit complicated. Add to that so many great coffees out there and changing rapidly, it is clear to us that there needs to be a single place to find them all.  

That’s why we created The Right Roast to be a place where you can find a very wide selection of great coffees by some of Europe’s best roasters but also in an accessible, and fun way. It has always been our philosophy to make the complicated world of specialty coffee more easy to understand. 

The core principles of specialty coffee are quality, traceability and sustainability. That means there’s a lot more to specialty coffee than great taste. The more consumers care about quality, the more farmers’ working conditions improve. Our roasters care passionately about where the beans come from and often trade directly with farmers. Each roaster even visits coffee origins forging long-term relationships to help improve bean production and the quality of their lives. 

With so much passion and talent in the world of specialty coffee, it is simply our mission to help more people discover its magic and have better access to it.