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The Right Roast

One-off Taster Set XL

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September theme - 'Africa'

In September we’re going back to where it all began, the birthplace of civilisation, coffee…and civilised coffee. AFRICA! We pick 4 origins from the continent that are tasting amazing right now ☕️❤️🦒  Shipping starts mid September.

October theme - 'Roaster'

In October we’re learning about how important ROASTER machine is to your cup of coffee. In the set we’ll have four coffees from four European roasters, each who use a different roaster to make their coffee ☕️❤️⚙️ Shipping starts mid October.


  • 4 x 100g coffee of international coffee beans
  • Include free live events
  • Filter & omni roast
  • Delivers worldwide

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