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The Right Roast

One-off Taster Set XL

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April theme - Switzerland

Next month we visit a small country at the heart of Europe. Not only a fortress of Alpine mountains, the coffee too is very hard to reach due to very high Swiss shipping fees. But this is a challenge worth taking because Switzerland has more than a few champions and they’ve been crafting some truly exceptional coffees that we want to share with you! Roasted in the end of March / Dispatch to orders.

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May theme - Ireland

May's destination is Ireland. While its charm captivates visitors with its culture, music and scenic vistas, most tend to overlook the thriving coffee scene that emerged in recent years on this green island at the western edge of Europe. In cities like Dublin, Cork & Galway specialty coffee is now firmly established and Ireland's coffee culture has experienced something like a renaissance! Roasted in the end of April / Dispatch to orders.

June theme - Scotland

When it comes to the UK, many are aware of England’s contribution to great coffee but did you know about the amazing roasters sitting to the north? Join us next month as we travel to SCOTLAND and, once more, pick up four supremely delicious coffees from all across this great land. Will be roasted in the end of May /Dispatching around May 31st.

> Find out more about June Scotland edition

  • 4 x 100g coffee of international coffee beans
  • Brew guides by featured roasters
  • Filter & omni roast
  • Delivers worldwide

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