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The Right Roast

Kalita Wave Stainless Steel Dripper

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Kalita wave dripper will surely satisfy both a beginner and a professional varistor in making tasty coffee easily.

20 Waves

The feature of the Wave Series 185 (155) is that the contact surface between the filter and the inner dripper with 20 waves is on the side, and is not in contact with the flat bottom. Due to the limited contact surfaces, hot water does not accumulate when pouring the long-term at an angle, but rather quickly drips to the Wave Zone.

Wave Zone

Even if the hot water is poured in at an angle, the bottom is flat, so the grounds are easily made uniform and coffee can be simply made without loss in taste.

Kalita Style Three Holes

Hot water does not accumulate when poured in the long-term, but rather quickly drips to the Wave Zone. Therefore, only deliciousness is dripped before the bitterness comes out.



155 size = 300ml - 500ml of final brew (1-2 cups)
185 size = 500ml - 750ml of final brew (3-4 cups)

Material: Metal, Dishwasher safe

Filter papers are available separately