Celebrating women in coffee

Women in specialty coffee, whether picking coffee beans in the fields or roasting the perfect batch, women are brewing up a storm and making their mark on the coffee world and are a much-needed shot of espresso for the industry, lending a fresh perspective and taking it to new heights. Here's to the women of specialty coffee – may their talent, hard work and passion, never go under-appreciated.

Featured Roasters


'Aurora Parainema'

Origin: Nicaragua
Roast Type: Omni
Process: Slow Natural
Region: Matagalpa
Variety: Parainema
Altitude: 1200-1400m

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Sloane Specialty Coffee Roasters

(Bucharest, Romania)

Sloane Specialty Coffee Roastery is one of those places that put Romania and Bucharest firmly on the specialty coffee map. Founded and managed by Teodora Pitis, a certifiable coffee enthusiast and one of only two Q Graders in Bucharest. They are giving us an experimental slow natural pranema variety from Nicaragua for this very special set.

Sloane Teodora's Aeropress recipe

Dose: 30g coffee - 190ml water
Grind size: Coarse
(6 clicks on Fellow Ode)
Water temp: 96°C

Inverted Aeropress method
0:00 Pour 100ml water and stir aggressively
1:00 Press gently
Add bypass 90ml water into the carafe directly
(Taste and adjust to your liking)

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Girls Who Grind Coffee

'Kirindera Women's Peace Coffee'

Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo
Roast Type: Omni
Process: Washed
Region: North Kivu
Variety: Blue mountain, Rumangabo
Altitude: 1300-2100m

Producer: Kirindera Women of the Coopade Association

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Girls Who Grind Coffee

(Warminster, United Kingdom)

One of the most iconic women led company in coffee, Girls Who Grind Coffee is owned and run by Fi O'Brien and Casey LaLonde, who source all their coffees exclusively from change-making women producers. At origin, the Kirindera women are employing young people and providing them with an alternative to joining the armed groups that have been destabilising the region.

Lot Zero


Origin: Ethiopia
Roast Type: Omni
Process: Natural Anaerobic (120 hrs)
Region: Kochere
Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: 1699-1719 mm

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Lot Zero

(Milan, Italy)

Lot Zero was created in 2018 by Chiara Bergonzi together with Sevengrams, an innovative, all-female company that has always been committed to excellence producing high quality roasted coffee. Chiara Bergonzi, who is involved in everything from sourcing to roasting, is an important figure in Italian speicalty coffee scene and was awarded a SCA prestigious Passionate Educator.

Visiting Lot Zero (2019) - 'Milan Coffee Scene'

Lot Zero Chiara's V60 recipe

Ratio: 15g coffee to 240g water at 93°C and 90 ppm
Grind size: ~ 650 microns EK43 / 22-23 clicks on Comandante

Blooming for 30 second 1:3 of water (45g)
First pour 140g of water, swirl
Second pour finish (240g) circular (no swirl)

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Velvet Cafe

'El Dorado'

Origin: Colombia
Roast Type: Filter
Process: Natural Anaerobic
Region: Pereira,Risaralda
Variety: Gesha
Altitude: 1950m

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Café Velvet

(Jodoigne, Belgium / Medellin, Colombia)

Founded by Ilse Geyskens, Café Velvet is based in Colombia specialising in Colombian beans. Dedicated to Colombian coffee with a roastery in Belgium that allows them to purchase coffee directly from farmers and bring it to Europe easily. Because of their unique set up, we have been given exclusive access to an amazing microlot Gesha, normally be too expensive for us!

Velvet Ilse's Orea recipe

Dose: 8g - 100ml
Grind size: Medium coarse
(26-28 clicks on Comandante)
Water temp: 90°C

40 seconds blooming with 40 ml water
2:30 minutes extraction time with one pour

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