Late to the specialty coffee party but going strong!

Specialty coffee in Europe, traditionally linked to Scandinavia and Western European nations, has found a new contender in Spain. The Spanish specialty coffee movement reflects an increasing appreciation for coffee complexity and a commitment to elevating the coffee-drinking experience. Our selection this month shows that Spain is a country that continues to shine as a place for outstanding coffee!

Three Marks Coffee

(Barcelona, Spain)

The second largest city in Spain, Barcelona attracts tourists and people looking for a fresh start in life, just like the owners of Three Marks Coffee.

Founded in 2018, sits close to the city center, the company was named after three friends/co-founders, Marc Aguyé who oversees store management; Marco Paccagnella, in charge of brand marketing and Italian born Marco De Rebotti who is responsible for all things coffee. Three Marks aims to serve a sophisticated selection of coffees with style. The cafe & roastery have impeccable design and showcases their attention to detail. Since its inception, Three Marks has solidified its presence on the Barcelona coffee scene. Our second time featuring them in the Coffee Club and this time with a very special coffee from their ‘Silver Coffees’ Limited Edition.

Yenny Esperanza Bermúdez (Silver Limited Edition)

Red Berries, cherry & passion Fruit

Origin: Colombia
Roast Type: Filter
Process: Double Fermentation with Paraíso Yeast, Thermal Shock, Washed
Variety: Castillo
Altitude: 1870m
Farm: Pariso Villa Esperanza

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Yenny Esperanza Bermudez is a founding partner of Finca El Paraíso Villa Esperanza. She is the eldest of four siblings who embarked on a new coffee-focused lifestyle. Coffee processing takes place at Finca El Paraíso, where the family's trust in their ability to enhance coffee quality is unwavering. Their objective is to continually improve both the productivity and the location of the farm, with a strong commitment to welcoming visitors and showcasing their excellent coffee.

For this coffee overripe coffee cherries are selected to enhance red fruit notes and cherries are anaerobically fermented in water for 36h. A culture medium with aroma and flavour precursors is created using mucilage and pulp and beans are fermented for 12h with it and added pressure.

Three Mark's Orea + Sibarist paper recipe

Dose: 15g - 240ml
Grind size: Medium fine grind 18 clicks on Comandante
Water temp: 96°C (95ppm w/ Third Wave Water)

1. 50g bloom
2. Pour up to 140g
3. Pour up to 240g

Total brew time: 2:30 minutes

Harmony Coffee Roasters

(Barcelona, Spain)

Founded by Àgatha and Dani, Harmony Coffee Roasters represents a commitment to seek ‘harmony’ throughout the coffee production chain. From fair trade agreements with producers to sustainable practices, the brand emphasises environmental impact and final product quality. Their roasting philosophy involves minimal interference, aiming for defect-free beans to create the perfect coffee expression. Even though they are new to the Spanish specialty coffee scene, Harmony has an impressive reputation with the titles such as the first place in 2021 Spain Roasters Competition & 2022 Catalunya Roasters Competition.

We are very pleased to be introducing Harmony as our discovery roaster this month, with this very unique SL28 Colombian coffee.

Luís Aníbal Calderón

Floral, strawberry, grape, apricot & champagne

Origin: Colombia
Roast Type: Filter
Region: Acevedo
Process: Natural
Variety: SL28
Altitude: 1700m
Producer: Fredy Orantes

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Produced by Luís Aníbal Calderón, the owner of the Villa Betulia farm. When he was just 9 years old, Luis received his first plot of land as a gift from his father. Since then he has passionately grown more than 13 different varieties of coffee on his farm. Villa Betulia is well known for its soil, particularly composed of volcanic and clay ash, as well as its excellent location near a dense tropical forest. Such a location allows for below-average daytime temperatures that cause the beans to ripen slowly offering a coffee with a fruity flavor and a sweeter cup.

The coffee was fermented 150 hours aerobically and another 150 hours anaerobically. It offers a complex cup not only due to the fermentation but also due to the SL28 varietal, commonly found in Kenya.

Ineffable Coffee Roasters

(Dos Hermanas/Seville, Spain)

The further south you travel in Spain, the less specialty coffee there is but in the small town of Dos Hermanas, located near Seville in Andalusia is where you’ll find Ineffable Coffee Roasters. A company born as a project which aimed to help shed a different light on Spanish coffee culture.

The co-founders Omar, Jose & Alejandro all lived in different countries where the specialty coffee was firmly recognised and established. They then brought back their experiences back home after working there for over 10 years. Now Ineffable is providing a curated selection of the most complex and dynamic seasonal coffees to their community and highlighting the unique qualities of each coffee according to origin, processing method and farmer’s decisions in the most transparent and delicious way possible.

La Fila

Bergamot, papaya & pineapple

Origin: Costa Rica
Roast Type: Filter
Process: Red Honey
Variety: Catuai
Altitude: 1600-1800m
Producer: Wendy Alvarado

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When Wendy Alvarado and her sisters decided to venture into cultivating specialty coffee on their La Fila Farm in the Brunca region of Costa Rica, it was something innovative as this area was not considered suitable for coffee cultivation. However, Wendy and her sisters have managed to take advantage of the altitude, the rich soil, and the climate, along with a lot of effort, passion, and knowledge, to achieve an exquisite coffee that has changed the perception of the entire region.

The cherries are handpicked at their optimal point of ripeness, then depulped and left to ferment with the mucilage in dry tanks for 24 hours before being placed to dry on raised beds for 12-15 days, until they reach the appropriate moisture level.

Ineffable's Kalita Recipe

Dose: 17g - 290ml
Grind size: Medium 24 clicks on Comandante
Water temp: 95°C (95ppm w/ Third Wave Water)

-60g to bloom
-Pour up to 160g
-Pour up to 230g
-Pour up to 290g
-Rao spin

Total brew time 3-4 mins


(Valladolid, Spain)

With much of the focus around big city roasters, it’s particularly interesting to find an exciting specialty coffee roaster out in the countryside. Not only that, they also set up in a barn formerly used an organic chickens farm.

Paloma and Marco, from Spain and Italy respectively, after living in London for several years, decided to stop, reflect and take a new approach to life.”We travelled to new places and met incredible people along the way, whose love for the exciting world of coffee rubbed off on us. Together, we created Puchero, which has grown since 2015 to become a leader in specialty coffee and one of the best roasters in Spain.”

Milenio (Competition Coffee)

Balsamic, kiwi, cinnamon, boozy & liquorice

Origin: Costa Rica
Roast Type: Omni
Process: Honey
Variety: Milenio
Altitude: 1500-1700m
Producer: Las Lajas, Chacón family

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The Chacón’s family has been growing coffee on Finca Las Lajas, on the slopes of Volcán Poas in Costa Rica, since 1936. Oscar took over the farm in the early nineties and developed the farm into a brand recognised for top quality and risk-taking with his innovative and entrepreneurial courage. In 2000, Finca Las Lajas became the first organic coffee farm in the country and they have been one of the pioneers for honey and natural processing in Costa Rica.

This lot comes from the Milenio variety, a first-generation hybrid of the T5296 and Rude Sudan varieties. This was part of the first wave of F1 hybrid varieties created by the French research institute CIRAD in collaboration with a network of national coffee institutes in Central America PROMECAFE and CATIE.