Norwegian coffee culture is closely connected to nature

Norway, a country where the people have a close bond with nature. Perhaps this is why Norway embraced the artisanal coffee trend long before most other countries, emphasising quality and pioneering the movement towards sustainability & traceability. Norway is also one of a country where specialty roasters themselves are pushing boundaries and are some of the first to set up their own farms at origin.

Coffea Circulor

(Arendal, Norway)

Coffea Circulor is not just a multi-award winning coffee roaster, they are also a producer & research lab pushing the boundary of specialty coffee industry. In 2010, Coffea Circulor was created in order to help coffee growers in Kenya where they conducted field work on coffee farms and have been helping them produce high grade coffee effectively. Their focus is to grow, process and roast sensuous coffees at championship levels, to be synonymous with excellence whilst remaining humble at their craft.

Exous Batian CCX

Origin: Kenya
Roast Type: Filter
Process: Coffee Cherry-Centred
Region: Meru
Variety: Batian
Altitude: 1500m

Producer: Coffea Circulor
Farm: Coffea Circulor Kenya Estates

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Solberg & Hansen

(Oslo, Norway)

Solberg & Hansen is Norway's largest and oldest specialty coffee roaster. The long history of Solberg & Hansen started in a grocery store in Oslo back in 1879. Since Carl Solberg and Fritjof Hansen laid the foundation for one of Norway's most knowledgeable companies, they have been a pillar of Nordic specialty coffee since the very beginning. Our relationship with them goes back 8 years when we fell in love with their coffee at the 2015 Nordic Roaster Forum. Recently, their very talented head of production Simo Kristidhi won the second place in 2022 World Coffee Roasting Championship.

Los Cedros(Cup of Excellence)

Origin: Honduras
Roast Type: Filter
Process: Partially dried berries
Region: Santa Barbara
Variety: Pacas
Altitude: 1600m

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(Ålesund, Norway)

Ålesund, a port town on the west coast of Norway at the entrance to the Geirangerfjord. Known for the beautiful art nouveau architectural styles, it's the home to Jacu, a coffee roastery nestled in a somewhat remote part of the country. Established by Anne Birte, Gunnar and Oliver in 2011, the name of Jacu Coffee Roastery comes from the jacu, a bird known for eating only the best coffee beans. Jacu are a great example of how design and nature meet to create elegant coffee in that distinctly Norwegian way style.

Sao Silvestre

Origin: Brazil
Roast Type: Filter
Process: Anaerobic
Region: Cerrado Mineiro
Variety: Yellow catuai
Altitude: 1100-1200m

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Supreme Roastworks

(Oslo, Norway)

Supreme Roastworks is a café and roastery in the Norwegian capital Oslo - home of some of the best coffee roasters in the world. After operating as a roastery and working solely through wholesale accounts with restaurants, cafés and offices around the city since 2008, opened its first retail space in hip Grünerløkka early 2013. The founder Odd-Steinar (right) won multiple Norwegian National Brewers Cup Championships and in 2015, he won the World Brewers Cup and became a legend. They have less appearance online but they are worshipped by fanatic coffee fans around the globe.

Merci Fernandez

Origin: Peru
Farmer: Andrade Family
Roast Type: Filter
Process: Washed
Region: Jaén
Variety: Bourbon

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