Specialty coffee has become part of French artisanal culinary scene

France, the nation with tremendous pride in 'qualité' is our next location and some highly creative roasters over there are really pushing the boundaries in search of coffee excellence and unique flavours. Join us in September for a Gallic coffee adventure!

KB Coffee Roasters

(Paris, France)

Sitting at the foot of Montmartre, Pigalle was once the city's red-light district and recently transformed into a hipster neighbourhood, and this is where KB Coffee Roasters have stood since the start of 2015.

Formerly called KookaBoora, KB was born as a response to Paris’ big problem at the time, there were simply no specialty coffee shops in town. Founder Nick Piègay brought some of Australia's coffee culture to the French capital and helped grow the scene in early days. These days KB’s roasting operations are handled by its on-site sister café, the very stylish, design-led Back in Black where dynamic duo Remy Bomparte & Conner Bramley showcase modern art of specialty coffee to the locals.

Wadi Almaa

Raspberry, Rhubarb & Tea

Origin: Yemen
Roast Type: Filter
Process: Natural Anaerobic
Region: Haraz
Variety: Jaadi
Altitude: 1700-2100m

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This coffee comes from where it is known to be the first place to grow coffee after being introduced in the 15th century by the monks in Haraz region in Yemen. The coffee is produced in small terraced farms in the high mountains in a very simple way.

Belleville Brûlerie

(Paris, France)

Paris has an incredible rich and deep café culture and Belleville Brûlerie has been successfully blending the traditional style and cultural identity with new flavours and modern ideas since the company started in 2013.

Belleville opened La Fontaine de Belleville (see pic in next page) with the idea that there was no reason great coffee couldn’t be served in a classic Parisian street side café. A lot of French people who live in the neighbourhood enjoyed specialty coffee in this familiar setup and Belleville ended up influencing many other traditional cafés to leave large industrial roasters and to start working with specialty coffee. In 2019 Belleville was crowned Best Roaster in Europe at the Roast Masters in Milan.

Neptaly Bautista Finca Jazmin

Honey, Cherry & Candied Fruit

Origin: Honduras
Roast Type: Omni
Process: Washed
Region: Santa Barbara
Variety: Pacas
Altitude: 1500m

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Neptaly has been part of Belleville's history since their beginnings, and they have the exclusivity on his exceptional coffee. This lot comes from the highest part of Jazmin, where temperatures drop after dark, prompting the tree to tap into this very rich soil, in turn it is these difficult conditions that give this coffee all its complexity.


(Paris, France)

Founder Alexis was born into a family of renowned Michelin-starred culinary chef masters. French gastronomy runs deeply in his blood but he actually found his love for specialty coffee when he was living in London. After his return to Paris he realised there weren’t many places that offered good coffee and that’s how Kawa Coffee began in 2016.

With an instinct for great taste, Alexis has been selecting and roasting some of France’s most memorable coffees in recent years. He also competes a lot and has come third in the 2019 World AeroPress Championship, a silver medal in the French Roasting Championship and is this year’s French Brewers Cup Champion.


Strawberry Tart & Rose

Origin: Ethiopia
Roast Type: Filter
Process: Natural
Region: Sidama
Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: +2300m

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Chancho washing station is located in the Sidama region, Bensa Woreda, and near the Kebele (village) Gemecho, 12 km from the main road. With an altitude of 2300-2400 metres, this climate offers ideal growing conditions for coffee. The coffee is harvested by 500 to 700 farmers whilst highly skilled teams sort the cherries on the drying beds as soon as they arrive.

Moklair Torréfacteur

(Reims, France)

Reims, 130 kilometres northwest of Paris, unofficially known as the capital of the Champagne wine region, was almost immune to high-quality coffee until a few years ago. Today, even a small city like Reims has its own specialty coffee scene led by Moklair Torréfacteur, a roastery founded in 2020 by Charity Cheung and Kevin David, established with the aim of roasting the highest quality coffee to show the world that quality coffee can be made responsibly.

Charity won the 2022 Brewers Cup Champion in France and Kevin 2022 French Barista Champion. Both are focused on delivering quality and only offer the coffees with SCA score above 85 upon import.

New Chamber

Mango, Chocolate Mousse & Sesame

Origin: Peru
Roast Type: Omni
Process: Natural
Region: Pérou
Variety: Bourbon & Caturra
Altitude: 1850m

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Pedro Garcia Diaz owns 4 hectares of land in the San Francisco village, located in the district of San Jose del Alto. His farm produces 80 exportable bags of coffee per year which is considered very little. The coffee is selectively picked and then cherries are dried for 30 days in raised beds.

Moklair Charity's Aeropress Recipe

Dose: 18g - 250ml
Grind size: 20 clicks on Comandante grinder
Water temp: 92°C
Use 1 Aesir filter or 2 regular filter papers

1. Pour all the water as quick as possible to create lots of agitation
2. Close aeropress with plunger
3. Steep till 2:20 due to coarse grind size
4. Open and stir once more
5. Close again with plunger and start pressing at 3:00

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