• Malic

    Las Crucitas
    Honey anaerobic
    By 15grams Coffee Roasters 🇬🇧

  • Citric

    ‘El Karambi’

    By Mok Coffee 🇧🇪

  • Acetic

    ‘Carlos Alfredo’
    Carbonic macerated natural
    By Abstact Coffee Roasters 🇬🇧

  • Ascorbic

    ‘El Obraje’
    By Solberg & Hansen🇳🇴

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Learn about Coffee Acidity from a Scientist

Acidity Perception in Coffee Talk

This month we had a very educational live talk event with coffee scientist and acid specialist Samo Smrke. Watch the playback where he talks about how acidity works in specialty coffee and guides me through a fascinating world of molar concentrations, chemical properties and much more..


'Las Crucitas'

15grams Coffee Roasters 🇬🇧

Origin: Honduras
Roast Type: Filter
Process: Honey anaerobic

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15grams Coffee Roasters

After spending ten years working in specialty coffee, Joe Faulkner decided to launch his own roastery and in 2019 15grams was born. Today their first cafe sits in the heart of Greenwich, London and exudes the Bauhaus style Joe is so passionate about. I discovered his coffee just a few weeks ago at this year’s London Coffee Festival and was instantly impressed with his work!


'El Karambi'

Mok Specialty Coffee 🇧🇪

Origin: Rwanda
Roast Type: Filter
Process: Honey
Region: Western Province
Variety: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1700-2000m

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Mok Specialty Coffee

Founded by Jens Crabbé, the former Belgian Cup Tasters Champion, MOK puts pride on integrity and quality and are working with the same producers year after year to create long lasting relationships and source the finest coffees available. By roasting in such small volumes they’re making sure that the tasting profile of the bean is just right. That’s why we love them!


'Carlos Alfredo'

Abstract Coffee Roasters 🇬🇧

Origin: Honduras
Roast Type: Omni
Process: 72hr Carbonic Macerated Natural
Region: Copan
Variety: Parainema
Altitude: 1450-1550m

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Abstract Coffee Roasters

Our discovery this month is a little roaster from York called Abstract Coffee Roasters and their philosophy is simple - ‘Transparency’. ​​The founder Joe puts an honest, approach at the very heart of his sourcing & roasting coffee, and he believes that by roasting as light as possible they can be a window to showcase the unique characteristics of coffee. Sounds like our kind of roaster!


'El Obraje'

Solberg & Hansen 🇳🇴

Origin: Colombia
Roast Type: Filter
Process: Washed
Region: Narino
Variety: Caturra
Altitude: 2200m

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Solberg & Hansen

The long history of Solberg & Hansen started in a grocery store in Oslo in way back in 1879! Since Carl Solberg and Fritjof Hansen laid the foundation for one of Norway's most knowledgeable companies, they have been a pillar of nordic specialty coffee since the beginning. Our relationship with them goes back 7 years when we fell in love with their coffee at the 2015 Nordic Roaster Forum.

Acid Edition Live Cupping Video