The Barn, the specialty coffee roaster based in Berlin that lead the German scene since 2010

The Barn, the specialty coffee roaster based in Berlin that lead the German scene since 2010

The Barn is, more than a decade after its opening, is still one of the leading specialty coffee roasters in Europe, thanks to the high quality standards set long ago by the founder, Ralf Rüller.

The Barn, one of the leading coffee roaster in Berlin (Germany) and throughout Europe, has represented the Specialty Coffee Movement since 2010.  

It all started over a decade ago when Ralf Rüller, the man behind The Barn, returned to his home country after living in London for 10 years. In the UK he used to work in both finance and acting, but returning to Berlin he decided to try something different, something that combined his work with one of his greatest passion: good quality specialty coffee.  

Ralf Rüller at The Barn


Inspired by the quality and freshness of the food he used to buy daily at Borough market in London, and noticing the lack of a proper specialty coffee shop in the German capital, Ralf’s idea suddenly became clear: it was time to open his own coffee place, The Barn.  

Named The Barn after the location of the first café, still located within the formerly so-called “Berlin Barn Quarter”, at first the café was “just” a coffee place, serving the best coffee they could find from the best European roasters. Only a year later, Ralf began to think about opening his own roastery, and – as they say – the rest is history. 

The Barn 

Now as then, having grown from just a single shop in Berlin to nearly a dozen cafés in town and many scattered around the world (from Seoul to Mallorca, passing through Dubai), The Barn’s goal is on making their coffees just better and better. 

Their philosophy? To source and roast some of the best coffees available, while paying premium prices which allow coffee farmers to create a sustainable business. All coffees are scoring 86 points and more; they are fresh in season and roasted to perfection, following The Barn’s roasting style, fully developed but light and clean.


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The Barn

(Est. 2010)
Schönhauser Allee 8,
10119 Berlin
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Article byTanya Nanetti

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