Rose Coffee Roasters, the Swiss coffee roasters with an Australian heritage

Rose Coffee Roasters, the Swiss coffee roasters with an Australian heritage

Rose Coffee Roasters is the Swiss roasting project recently opened by Matt Winton (2021 World Brewers Cup Champion) together with his friend Fredric Brunner. 

The story of Rose Coffee Roasters began a long time ago in Australia, where a young boy named Matt suddenly fell in love with the specialty coffee scene. It may not seem such a big deal – after all, Australia is one of the coolest specialty coffee scenes around – but it was actually something quite unique, considering that Mr. Winton (the aforementioned Matt) was in his “previous life” an aircraft engineer.  

2021 World Brewer's Cup Champion Matt Winton

But we all know what it is like, and after having paid his dues down under, he decided to move to Europe to explore more of the (specialty coffee) world. Here, after moving around countries for years while gathering winning titles in Barista and Brewers Cup competitions as a representative for the European countries he was living at the time, he finally settled in Zurich, Switzerland. And this is where the final magic happened: after winning the 2021 World Brewers Cup Championship (Milan, October 2021) he finally decided to open his own specialty coffee roaster, together with his friend Fredric Brunner. 


2021 World Brewer's Cup Champion Matt Winton

Thus was born Rose Coffee Roasters, a specialty coffee roasters born not even a year ago from a simple idea: opening something new, something tiny but very special. A coffee roaster whose main belief lays in sourcing very high quality coffees, not only specialty but the very top end of specialty, only from well-known and trusted farmers; roasting them with the sole purpose of enlightening every coffee’s brightness and flavour, so as to make the most of them. To do so, the duo choose the Stronghold S7X as their roasting machine. Based in Korea, Stronghold is considered one of the first brands to produce “smart” roasters, having released a whole series of roasters completely electric (S Series) that features an ease of installation, an accurate and precise heat control and a product that –being powers supplied – is both more convenient and safer than gas to operate in any indoor environment.

Stronghold at Rose Coffee Roasters


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Rose Coffee Roasters

(Est. 2022)
Rose Coffee Roasters
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Article byTanya Nanetti

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