Penelope Coffee, the English specialty coffee roasted that’s all about family

Penelope Coffee, the English specialty coffee roasted that’s all about family

Giancarlo, Michelle and little Penelope are a tiny little family, the beating heart of Penelope Coffee, the specialty coffee roaster based in Tunbridge Wells (United Kingdom) 

Penelope Coffee is all about family and Giancarlo, Michelle and little Penelope are the whole little world behind the small specialty coffee roaster based in Tunbridge Wells (United Kingdom). 

Penelope Coffee’s story started with Giancarlo, and his passion for specialty coffee, a passion that led him to navigate through many experiences, and to live in as many countries. Giancarlo – Italian by birth but citizen of the world by choice – before moving to the U.K attended SCAE training in Italy, owned a coffee shop in Melbourne (Australia), competed and started to roast in New Zealand and worked in coffee farms in Costa Rica (not necessarily in that order). And then, the latest move to the U.K., a life partner (Michelle) and the birth of a little girl (Penelope) as a catalyst to bringing his own coffee into the world. 

 Giancarlo at Penelope Coffee Roasters

So that’s all that’s behind Penelope Coffee: Giancarlo is the one who roast the goods and drop-in the samples for coffee chats; Michelle is responsible for delivering sample and orders (and you’ll likely come across her on email, or while she quickly rest, drinking a flat white), and the family (Giancarlo, Michelle and Penelope) is basically the “why” of the business. 

Penelope Coffee Roasters

But what about the beans roasted at Penelope? For Giancarlo, quality is important all along the way, from the land and the farmers, up to the final cup. “Chasing the flavour starts on the land, with the farmer. I’m humbled to call some of these farmers my friends”, he says, and then adds that it’s the little attention to detail along the way that makes all the difference, elevating the beans from being “simply” good to becoming “great”. And part of this elevation is in Giancarlo’s hands, who wisely roast with a Giesen, a coffee roaster manufactured in Ulft, a small town in the Netherlands, which combines innovative technology and roasting trends with maximum control and capacity. 

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Penelope Coffee Roasters

(Est. 2022)
East Sussex
Penelope Coffee Roasters
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Article byTanya Nanetti

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