Goat Story, the coffee tool designer that turned into a specialty coffee roasters

Goat Story, the coffee tool designer that turned into a specialty coffee roasters

From crowdfunded coffee tools on Kickstarter to the opening of a specialty coffee roaster, the original story of Goat Story 

As it often happens, Goat Story – a specialty coffee roaster based in Ljubljana (Slovenia) – started out as something totally different and only later started roasting its own coffee. But let’s start from the beginning: Goat Story, whose name was inspired – in a tribute to coffee itself – by the famous myth of the discovery of coffee thanks to a flock of goats in Ethiopia, was founded almost a decade ago, thanks to crowdfunding.  

 It was 2014, and Goat Mug was launched on Kickstarter as Goat Story’s first product, reaching nearly half a million dollars, thanks to the help of 10.000 happy supporters that proudly decided to help in the developing of a unique kind of coffee cup, 100% leak proof, perfect to be carried around (thanks to practical holder and straps) and with an attractive design so reminiscent of something a shepherd would drink from. 

Dusan at Goat Story

Just two years after a new creation, Gina, helps reinvent the coffee experience as a smart coffee instrument and raises over half a million dollars to start its production, while at the same time winning the hearts of many coffee brewers out there. Like Emi Fukahori, that in 2019 wins the World Brewers Cup 2018 just using Gina, that in the meantime receives the Good Design Award. 

And then, it’s time for Goat Story to launch its Cold Brew Kit, and start developing a unique grinder, Arco 2-in-1, an electric and hand grinder (awarded by SCA as best new product 2022 and currently in production). 

Arco 2-in-1 by Goat Story

But along the way, the team of engineers and coffee professionals behind Goat Story, as always obsessed with designing top-notch products to help coffee brewers to discover all the flavours and experiences a coffee bean has to offer, decides that it wants more. It’s 2019 and Goat Story’s in-house roastery opens its doors, launching the following year its first specialty coffee selection, roasted on a Diedrich roaster (produced in Irvine, CA).

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Goat Story

(Est. 2019)
Koprska ulica 106d
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Goat Story
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Article byTanya Nanetti

Tanya is a specialty-coffee barista, consultant and Barista Hustle coach, a freelance writer (for everything coffee-related and much more), a traveler and a dreamer. When she’s not behind the coffee machine (or visiting some off the beaten track locations), she’s busy writing for Coffee Insurrection, a website about specialty coffee that she’s creating along with her boyfriend.