Friedhats, the Dutch roaster born from a simple friendship

Friedhats, the Dutch roaster born from a simple friendship

Friedhats, based in Amsterdam, is the specialty coffee roaster founded by Lex Wenneker and Dylan Sedgwick, two coffee friends who are pursuing their dream. 

The story of Friedhats is closely connected with the personal story of two friends, Lex Wenneker and Dylan Sedgwick. Lex, now recognized around the world thanks to his multiple victories as Dutch Barista and Brewer Champion, as a kid did not want to become a barista. He dreamed of becoming a lawyer, or a pro-climber. And even if he still climbs, Lex apparently found his true love just a little bit over a decade ago, while brewing his first real espresso at home, on a manual lever machine. 


It was 2011 when he founded De Espressobus, an old school Citroen HY food truck that he travelled around in, brewing coffee at festivals and events. Around the same time, Lex started roasting his own coffee and he opened a coffee roaster and espresso-bar in Amsterdam, Headfirst Coffee Roasters. And this is where Dylan stepped in.

Dylan, originally from New Zealand, travelled to many places and through many jobs (he majored in Human Resource Management, back in the day) until he stumbled upon Amsterdam, and there decided to stay. At the time, he was dreaming of a career in music and sound production, but when he started working in coffee, it was love at first sight. It was early 2014 when Dylan got his first cafe job, working for Headfirst Coffee Roasters, and here – obviously – he met Lex. After a while, Headfirst closed its doors only to let Lex and Dylan start a new crazy dream: open a brand new roastery called Friedhats. 


So, here’s Friedhats: a micro roastery based in Amsterdam whose focus is to provide consistent, high quality roasted coffee beans for customers, cafes, restaurant, office or any other business where coffee is needed. They source coffee according to flavour, roasting it to accentuate its natural characteristics; they just want to sell coffee that tastes great, consistently and with transparency and honesty.  

And that’s more: in September ‘18, Friedhats opened its first cafe - FUKU - located in Bos en Lommer in the west of Amsterdam. Here, they don’t only serve their specialty coffee (as filter, espresso, plus few Super Special, competition grade coffees) but also offer cakes and pastries, croissants, house made granola, some light eats, good beers from brewers around world and natural wines.


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(Est. 2016)
Nieuwe Hemweg 36
1013CX Amsterdam
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Article byTanya Nanetti

Tanya is a specialty-coffee barista, consultant and Barista Hustle coach, a freelance writer (for everything coffee-related and much more), a traveler and a dreamer. When she’s not behind the coffee machine (or visiting some off the beaten track locations), she’s busy writing for Coffee Insurrection, a website about specialty coffee that she’s creating along with her boyfriend.