Clever Coffee, the Nordic micro-roastery that comes from Denmark

Clever Coffee, the Nordic micro-roastery that comes from Denmark

Clever Coffee, the Danish micro-roastery born from the biggest leap of faith: quitting a steady job just to follow the dream of roasting coffee

Like so many coffee stories, Clever Coffee was born as a story of passion. It was 2014 and Lars Frello had your “regular” 9 to 5 job, working full time as a project manager at Danish Technological Institute. But, afterhours, Lars had a (not so much) secret passion: in the evenings, he could be found roasting coffee in his private garage to sell it – at least until that point, only to family and coffee friends. It all went on for a couple of years until 2018 when, with his dear friend (and coffee-lover) Lindy Brogaard, Lars decided that it was finally time for the greatest leap of faith: following his dream, he quit his steady job and started running Clever Coffee on a full time basis, with Lindy at his side. And that’s how Clever Coffee was born, a Nordic micro-roastery in the tiny city of Odder (Denmark).  Lars Frello and Lindy Brogaard at Clever Coffee

With the aim of trading as directly as possible and build healthy and long lasting relations with producers (because, as they say “Direct Trade can not stand alone - it is all about relations and transparency”), Clever Coffee was built with the aim of providing the highest quality possible, while at the same time working with producers who ensure they are social responsible in terms of work, and are aware of their impact while maintaining as sustainable labour conditions as possible. And that’s more: wind is Clever Coffee’s only power supply (making its facilities the most sustainable on the market) and sustainable packaging (to the widest possible extent) is the preferred choice in terms of packaging, to guarantee benefits to the entire planet. 

Clever Coffee

This is probably why Clever Coffee was able to grow rapidly, starting pretty soon to export its coffee (nowadays roasted with a Loring S15 Falcon – the world’s most energy efficient and automated roaster) to countries around the world and finally to mark, just two years later (2020), another milestone: the opening of their first coffee shop, hosted in The Kitchen, a community space for entrepreneurs located in the heart of Aarhus.

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Clever Coffee

(Est. 2014)
SFillerupvej 27
8300 Odder
Clever Coffee
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