TASTER SET #03 BARCELONA / 01 Right Side Coffee Roasters




Varietal: Colombia
Process: Fully Washed
Altitude: 1700 masl
Region: Guadalupe, Department of Huila
Flavour notes: Caramel, Tropical Fruits, Candy

[Information by Right Side]
During our last trip to Colombia, we decided to focus our search on the Department of Huila, considered one of the best areas in the country for the growth and good performance of the coffee plant. We worked together with Coocentral, a cooperative that focuses its action in the municipality of Garzón. Its main values ​​are two; total transparency and support the producers, whatever their size and needs are, with the aim of promoting their economic progress. In our last visit to the region, we were invited to be part of the jury of the “Guadalupe Coffee Growers Championship” in which 100 producers presented their best lots, 45 made it to the semifinals and 10 entered the final.

Elver Novoa was one of the participants in the championship in which he managed to leave us all with a very good taste in our palate because, thanks to the great care and dedication that he puts into his small plot of land, he took the first place getting the title of champion. Elver’s plantation also belongs to the department of Huila. This region is characterized by its abundant biodiversity and countless water births, which is why it’s one of the areas with the largest number of protected territories in the country. The climate is humid, with thermal variations throughout the year and temperatures that oscillate between 18ºc and 22°c.

The process of this coffee begins with the collection of the cherries by hand selecting only the ripe fruit. Afterwards, the grain is pulped to a fermentation tank. Finally, the coffee beans are dried in a parabolic greenhouse with raised beds for about 18 days with the intention of maintaining the ideal percentage of humidity.

A true pioneer in specialty coffee in Spain and one of the most popular too, Right Side was born out of the vision of owner/ head roaster Joaquín Parra who 10 years ago as a green coffee buyer was exposed to the Scandinavian coffee scene and brought his enlightenment to Spain. Joaquin’s partner Lara San Miguel is Quality Control Manager.

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This trip to Barcelona is our search for amazing coffees from the finest roasters to put in our latest Taster Set Edition 03: Barcelona.

In this episode we take a 3 day voyage through Barcelona’s specialty coffee scene. No stone is left un-turned as we scour the city in search of amazing coffees from the finest roasters to put in our latest Taster Set.