Recipes from 2nd Swap

V60 the 3-3 method from @pitu.pitutur

Coffee: 15 gr with medium grind size
Ratio: 1:15, with total water 225gr
Temp: 90°C-93°C

What is the 3-3 method?
-The first 3 are used when blooming, use water 3x weight of coffee
-The second 3 are used to devide the remaining weight of water into 3 equal amount

Now to the recipe:
1. Set 15 gr of coffee on prewet paper filter, when blooming use water 3x weight of coffee so pour 45 gr of water. Wait 30 secs.
*So you need to devide the remaining of water into 3 equal amount, my total water is 225gr – 45gr (blooming) = 180 gr, so next pour will be 60gr – 60gr- 60 gr.
2. At 00:30 add 60gr of water with slow pour, dont be hurry, make a circular pattern when pour from the center to the outside, and when you reached outside, stabilize the pour into the center again. This will minimize the agitation.
3. At 01.05 add 2nd 60gr of water, and repeat same steps like step 2.
4. At 01.50 add 3rd 60 gr of water, this will be the last pour, in the end of pouring session swirl it a lil bit with “Rao Spin” (say no to uneven extraction).
5. At 02:45 lift up the dripper, and dont forget to swirl the coffee from the server. Enjoy it

Your brewing will be done at 02:45 – 03.00, depends on your grind size. This method will result a balanced taste of acidity and sweetness. I usually used this method to try a new coffee that i never drank before.

Matcha Strainer recipe from @think147

Matcha strainer for dripper
Coffee: 12g light roast beans.
Grind size mid-coarse Nicecut mill 5.5 dial.
Hot water 90-92 Celsius. 200ml
pour 30ml to the center, 40sec for bloom.
pour 170ml to the center, 80sec
total brew time about 120sec.

Iced V60 recipe from @roxyvespa

Iced v60 for a hot, humid day in middle east.. or anywhere = )

-23 grams coffee,
-Grinding- 23 clicks (-med-fine grinds, but more fine than you normally would for your non-iced v60)
-100 grams ice in after you rinse filter
-For Bloom, 50 grams in wait 30 seconds till next pour
-pour around 60, stir grounds,
– another pour to keep grounds evenly extracting (more important than exact amount of water in, around 60 grams each pour, pouring in circles)
-last pour to reach the total 240 added, pour in middle and final circle to end at 240 total

Add cubes to your cups and pour to ebony your cold brew cups on a humid summer afternoon 🥳🌻🌞☕️

V60 recipe from @coffeeandtranslation

4 pours technique for v60

20 g of coffee (medium-coarse grind)
300 ml of water at 96ºC (adjust to lower temp if coffee roast is darker)
30 sec blooming
2 pours of 60 ml + 2 pours of 90 ml (300 ml total)
Total brew time: 3:15

Recipe tip: first 40% of water controls balance between sweetness and acidity and the other 60% refers to strength

Cafetière variation recipe from @rountoncoffeeroasters

20g of fresh ground cafetière ground coffee.
Put in a jug at room temp
Boil water ( bottled best ) in kettle
Open lid and let stand for 5 mins
Pour on 60g of water ….. let bloom for 30 seconds then pour to 350g.
Let brew for 4 mins
Break crust and take the ‘creme’ away with spoons .
Wait 6 mins
Pour into a cup in one go …… let cool for 5 more mins then get stuck in …. 2 sips …. reflect …… then enjoy …… 😊

Moka Pot recipe from @specialty_pal

11/100 coffee/H2o.
I use 17g of coffee for 160 of water.
Filter grind size.
I start with a temperature around 75C of water in moka.

Never wait the noise of Moka!
The noise is a screaming!!!

Aeropress inverted recipe from @pravinbrews

Coffee/water : 16gm/230gm
Grind size : Medium
Water temperature: 94 degree Celsius
0:00 – 50gm bloom
0:20 – 4 good stirs
0:45 – rest all water till 230 gm by pouring water in centre slowly.
1:25 pour should finish
1:30 put filter and remove gas.
Flip it.
Press it very slowly for 30 seconds.
Brew should finish by 2 minutes.

Origami dripper recipe from @kawo_holik

20g of coffee, 325g of 97°C water, grind size medium (22 clicks on comandante).

1st pour – blooming 0:00-0:30: 60g of water

2nd pour to 130g at 0:30 and swirl with whole dripper 3 times

3rd pour to 200g at 1:00 and final pour is at 1:30 to 325g and one delicate swirl.

Final brew time is around 3 minutes.

Aeropress Standard (Top Down) recipe from @kawo_holik

Coffee: 16g
Water: 230g (just off boiling)
Brew time: 1:25 min

Grind size: Medium
(On comandante: 18 clicks from touching burrs, On Hario Mini Mill: 7 clicks)

Water temp: 95 degrees Celsius (off boiling)
Water ppm: 100-135 ppm

0:00 min: start timer and pour 230g of water quickly

0:10 min: stirr 3x & a 1/4 turn back in the opposite direction to stop the swirl

– dont scratch the filter paper at the bottom

0:20 min: carefully roll the rubber plunger and pull it up slightly to create a vacuum

0:55 min: remove the plunger

1:00 min: stirr 3x and a 1/4 back in the other direction

1:05 min: start pressing down slowly

1:25 min: finish with a hiss

Kalita recipe from @baconsalat

15g medium ground Coffee 250g Water 98°C
0:00-0:15 add 40g Water and swirl the brewer with your hand until mixed
0:15-0:45 bloom
0:45-1:15 add water to 150g slow and constant pour
1:15-1:45 add water to 250g again slow and constant pour
1:55 one swirl to knock of grounds on the sites
2:10-2:30 Brew should finish

Inverted Aeropress recipe from @Jerney

16grams coffee, water 210° medium grind.

16 grams of coffee, bloom 1-2 (32ml) 30 seconds stir. Add remaining water (250ml total) stir again and attach filter, wait until timer shows 1:30.

Put cup on your aeropress and flip it right side up and begin to press from 1:30 until 2:30.

Serve and enjoy your total brew time should be 2 mins and 30 seconds

My everyday inverted Aeropress recipe, no fuss, easy and reliable for a bright coffee. recipe from @l.a.kvlt

15g of coffee
240g of water
Grind size exactly like v60 (23-24 on Comandante) Something close to medium towards fine.
Water at around 92-93c (around 130-140ppm if you can)
Double filters (for that extra filtration) – Don’t forget to pre-wet them and make sure they’re flat and well positioned.

00:00 – Put the coffee in the chamber, level it gently to avoid bringing those fines at the bottom and pour around 80g of water quickly. Right after, stir the coffee 4x clockwise and 1x anti-clockwise gently to avoid any coffee heaps (the anti-clockwise stir is to avoid the vortex created by the clockwise stirring, it will distribute the coffee evenly.)

00:25 – Pour the rest of the water in one steady go, quickly.

00:55 – Stir the coffee with same protocole, 5x clockwise and 1x anti-clockwise, gently ! Slowly building your way down the whole coffee depth as you’re stirring. Put the cap on and flip it over a server. Now here’s a trick: When you flipped the whole thing, give it a quick swirl to catch any grounds that might stick to the rubber.

01:10 – Press down slowly and steady until you hear the hiss. TBT should be around 1:55 to 2:00.

Let it cool down a bit and enjoy a very delicate Aeropress, with a v60 like body ! This method is super easy to reiterate and that makes it reliable. You can change some parameters according to your coffee, water ppm and taste by changing the grind size and the agitation (4x instead of 5x for example) as well as the ratio (1:16 here but you can go up to 1:15).

V60 recipe from @dmapachete

V-60-02. 27g of coffee medium-fine grind size. 415 g water off boil.

Start blooming, around 60g of water. After 45seconds, pour right in the middle at a constant rate doing small circles, but keeping small the area where you are pouring. Pour all the water. Let it drain, coffee will stick in the walls.

If the total brew time is under 2.30, probably it is underextracted. Grind a little bit finner next time! This method yields a light bodied cup, with bright acidity and a sweet end. Hope it works! Enjoy!

V60 recipe from @Lokiliefather

For 2 people.
36g medium-course ( somewhere around sea salt size)
600ml water in (94°c)
Bloom: 72ml water. Pour for 10sec stir for 10 sec leave for another 20sec.

In next 50sec pour up to 60% of water

Wait for 10-20sec .

Pour rest of the water in for 40-50 second

Total brew time 3:5 min

V60 recipe from @alexandermordvin

15g Coffee Grind Size=19-20 Clicks on Comandante
250ml water @ 93*C
Total brew time 1:45-2:10
15-20sec between pours and pour aggressive (max 6 seconds per pour )

V60 recipe from @lick_dat_sloth

-15grams of coffee, medium grind(10clicks on porlex mini)
-Use water just off boil (preferably filtered)

0:00 min: 30g bloom
0:30 min: pour to 100g in 7sec
0:50 min: pour to 150g in 10sec
1:15 min: pour to 200g in 13sec
1:40 min: pour to 250g in 13sec
2:30 min: Finish

V60 recipe from @elisaurdich

Rinsed filter
18.5 grams of coffee (25click with comandante)
Pour 150 grams of water 85 degrees in 20”
Wait and start the second and last pour only when the coffee bed is completely dry..we‘ll start around 1.20” with the last 150g of water at 92 degrees
Total extraction time 2.45”
I used this technique with a lot of coffee with carbonic maceration or long fermentation 😉

V60 recipe from @Davideroveto

1) Grind Beans 
I use 20 gr of coffee (ground like chemex so medium/coarse)
2) Water at 95 degrees I use water with 80,5ppm hardness 250ml
3) Pre infusion is made with 40gr of coffee for 25 sec
4) Second Step with high turbolence is made with 80gr of water for 1.20 minute
5) Third Step with low turbulence we use low turbolence and we use 80gr of water
Total time will be around 2.15 minutes.

This cup thanks to the high micron and less fines will be more clean and you will increase the acidity. Then with the flow control And higher temperature you can give more balance to your final cup.

Clever Dripper recipe from @gabigluck

Water at 96 or 97 (I use third wave water)
Using a 1:13 ratio
23.1gm coffee ground at 25 or 26 clicks on the comandante.
Rinse paper filter.
Add coffee to the brewer. Add 300gm water all at once. Get everything wet as quickly as possible in the first 50 to 70gm, and then pour the rest of the water at fill throttle using a gooseneck, pointing the spout to the side in order to create a sort of vortex.
Cover the Clever and let sit until 3:00.
At 3:00 remove the cover, and with a spoon gently break the crust that’s formed.
Then place the Clever on a carafe and let drain. Should take around 1 to 1:30 minutes.
Once drained, remove the Clever from the carafe, and stir the coffee with a spoon.
Enjoy 🙂

V60 recipe from @birgitvankempen

This is for „one cup“ , quick and easy or you got a fresh bag of beans and can’t wait until tomorrow. 😉
15 grams beans
92 hot water
Grind size on my Commandante is 28 clicks – so this is the coarse side of life
1st pour: 45 gram and 30 sec bloom
2nd pour: 60 gram
3rd pour : 90 gram
Time at 2:50 minutes
Enjoy !

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