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Something truly exquisite and seriously delightful for the begining of new decade, it is one more glorious lot from Diego Samuel Bermudez and his El Paraiso. We launched this coffee just before holiday season started and if you tried our CHRISTMAS roast that’s exactly the same lot that flew away from our shelf with a rocket speed and left so many people still asking for it as we run out it ultimately fast. …


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A few years ago cruising around the cupping table we stumbled upon a cup with a unique profile that we completely failed to guess where it came from as well as its varietal. Back then many specialty coffee shops rejected even to cup colombian coffee as boring and uninteresting. It was Castillo and it was from Colombia. A few years later we managed to get our hands on this true jewel. This holiday season we are happy to offer one more lot from Diego Samuel Bermudez Tapia and cannot wait to share it with you all.

So, what makes Castillo from Diego Samuel Bermudez Tapia taste so different to Castillo we used to cup? It is much about modulation of cup flavors depending on pH, culture media, microorganisms and temperature. The serious experimentation with fermentation by non-traditional methods is the answer. Over last few years there have been sold lots of coffee at a record price at the auctions and also his coffee gains a history of prominent places all over the competitions.

Diego Samuel’s family, his wife, two daughters and two brothers, is devoted to coffee, and together they work to continue evolving in production.


*** We do recommend to let this particular coffee to stubilize at least 14 days after roasting. From our experience it starts to perform after 20 days even better.

ABOUT The Roaster

SURF SHOP ROASTERY is a micro roastery from north Germany. Coffee in a true and a minimal way.


Lappenbergsallee 43 Hamburg 20257 Germany



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