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A jammy coffee with flavours of Neapolitan ice cream and caramel. Full bodied with a white wine acidity.

The Kaizen program has been set up by Lohas beans to look at improving methodology and the standards of production by empowering growers and technician with knowledge and education on the formal process of producing coffee. The natural is compromised of two producer groups, La Pradera from Santander and Agroprocem from Planadas in Tolima. These groups only produce small amounts where the processing and drying of the cherry is monitored by the trained staff at the association who cup and select the best lots. These lots are then sent to the centralised Kaizen team under Lohas who cup and select from the best lots to create appropriately sized lots for export form these initial small amounts. When the cherries are collected the they are floated and washed and then undergo a quick drying for 20-24 hours to prevent any fungus build up and allowing the fermentation process to beige. The coffee is then dried for the next 16-20 day in a slow long process as the humidity is steadily lowered. Once the coffee has reached 15% the coffee is then finished down to below 11% in a mechanical drier at low temperatures. It is then left to rest and stabilise before being milled ready for export.

ABOUT The Roaster

Strangers Coffee Roasters is a multi-award winning speciality coffee roastery and shop based in Norwich, UK.

Family run by three brothers with a focus on quality, flavour and transparency.

Strangers Coffee Company

10 Dove Street, Norwich, NR2 1DE UK



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