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Amazing aromas of tropical fruits, hops and milk chocolate. In the mouth it behaves with the same intensity and complexity having notes of hops, must and pineapple. Good body and well structured with a chocolate with almonds finish.

This coffee, that is part of our direct trade action in the country, is the result of Heleana Georgalis´s inspiration and curiosity; always with the goal in mind to produce even better coffees. After attending several lectures on different types of fermentation, she realized she had a lot still to learn and put herself to work. The result is so amazing that, even the processes that she develops are an unknown secret.

Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee. There are more than 1.1 million coffee farmers (smallholders) representing 95% of the production. The different varieties are collectively called “Ethiopian Heirloom” or “Traditional Ethiopian”. A lot of them are combinations of hybrids – mostly “Typica” – of local native and new varieties, based on improvements of old specimens. The two main coffee growing areas are located in the West and East of the country and most coffees are organic by default because the areas are in very mountainous regions which are often difficult to access.

This specific lot is interesting because at one point during the processing the coffee is exposed to anaerobic fermentation, encouraging the growth of bacteria and yeasts that produce lactic acid. This proved to be an essential step to achieving her goal to produce a clean natural coffee, much sweeter than an ordinary natural coffee with lower acidity, but with a strong presence of fruit – resulting in a very elegant cup. The coffee cherries are dried in African beds.

ABOUT The Roaster

We are a small but solid, socially responsible team with one particular passion: we want to share with you extraordinary flavors.

We want you to rediscover and really enjoy your daily cup of coffee. Our work resembles that of a chef working with a single ingredient – specialty coffee. Our day-to-day efforts are focussed on creating the very best quality we can offer through our system of roast-to-order so as to always be able to provide our customers with the freshest coffee possible. We have been active since 2012 focused, mainly, on improving our roasting profiles to achieve the best result in cup as possible.

Right now, our goal is to find producers who share our vision about quality and nowadays an 85% of our coffees are direct trade. At Right Side Coffee traceability, as well as social and environmental sustainability are of great concern to us – our goal is to achieve full transparency in how we trade and acquire each and every lot. It’s important to us that every person, being one link in the value chain, receives a fair return for the work they put in.

We do not pay prices that are dictated by the stock market but make sure the amount we pay, reflects the quality of the lots that we buy. In some cases, that can amount to 5 or even 10 times the price at world market level.

Right Side Coffee

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