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We must say that we almost put this coffee into the Underdog project. It’s been realy tight. The story about the origin of this coffee is truly interesting.

The area around Rio Sucio in the center of the country had been for a long time under the control of militia and guerillas what simply means it’s not been a nice place to live or even for a prospering and free trade. At least not a legal one. So it’s a new name in the specialty scene which we hope to hear more often in the future. And lets be honest, with this cupping score whoever would despise it but check yourself. This is an excellent coffee! Not just by the categorize Excelso..

Will see the progress with upcoming harvest. They might be our new Underdogs!

ABOUT The Roaster

We’re small operation, established in 2013. Started as a garage project, now growing into a serious business.

We operate three cafés in Brno, Czech Republic. We are also on the road a lot. Coffee is part of our lifestyle and something we all have in common, including our brand ambassadors.

Rebelbean is here to provide the energy for those, who are not afraid to live their lives by their own rules. For people who are not a crowd followers, but they are Rebels with cause, just like us.


Optátova 547/1A, 637 00, Brno-Jundrov, Czech Republic



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