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Mujeres De Hichozal

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About the Underdog project
Our goal and dream was always to be involved more in what is happening at the farms in the place of origin of our coffees. To have an opportunity influencing the quality of green coffee, gain and give the feedback and to carry out our ideas. Similar vision have also farmers who begin with specialty coffee. They have a great premises however low experience or knowledge. Nevertheless in spite of this they produce fantastic coffees. In symbioses of these thoughts the project Underdog was born. So what’s it all about?


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This project is about supporting the farmers who ambition to produce microlots under their name but their coffee reach only a cupping score around 85 points. However they have all the necessary conditions, drive and enthusiasm. We want to support them not only with consumption but primarily with finance. We will invest part of the income from the sales of these coffees back with the farmers..Project Underdog should once serve as an incubator of farmers with who we will gradually build stable and firm relationships.

Mujeres de Hichozal
Pure feminine blend from production of processing station Aruco as usual. Here Falcon Specialty runs their origin microlot project focused especially on experimental versions of naturals. Microlots are always a bit more interesting not only by taste notes but also prizes farmers get for their production. However on the other hand there is a fact that microlots are only a part of their production. For idea it could be even less than 1/10 of the crop in some cases. In this scenario the ratio to the rest of production was much smaller nevertheless there was still some quit amount of an exceptional quality coffee from each of producers. Therefore they united and created this cost effective but still premium quality blend. The benefit is they could sell the rest of the harvest directly and get paid better in compare if they would have to sell it locally to a broker.
This principle of buying much wider range of amount and quality of coffee from specific producers correspond with our idea of not only Underdog edition but all of the coffee we buy. Only this way we are able to achieve the real benefit for the farmers and change of the market principal which nowadays works in farmers unfavorable.

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ABOUT The Roaster

We’re small operation, established in 2013. Started as a garage project, now growing into a serious business.

We operate three cafés in Brno, Czech Republic. We are also on the road a lot. Coffee is part of our lifestyle and something we all have in common, including our brand ambassadors.

Rebelbean is here to provide the energy for those, who are not afraid to live their lives by their own rules. For people who are not a crowd followers, but they are Rebels with cause, just like us.


Optátova 547/1A, 637 00, Brno-Jundrov, Czech Republic


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