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Who knows us well is avared of that we don’t like Asian coffee much. We never liked the distinctive taste of Indonesian coffees related to high spicy and earthy tones due to typical type of processing green coffee called “wet hulling” – hulling parchment with higher moisture level (40-50%). Just for interest coffee is mostly hulled with moisture level 10-12%.

However these days are slowly gone because we receive such pearls like this. And that’s also why we picked this coffee for our limited edition. For us it is the first clean taste Indonesia we enjoy. The clarity of the taste is achieved mostly due to the fact they desist from typical processing “giling basah” and used classic, washed, method together with longer fermentation. Taste profile reminds more African coffee light bodied with delicate almost tea like aroma. Very nice coffee!

ABOUT The Roaster

We’re small operation, established in 2013. Started as a garage project, now growing into a serious business.

We operate three cafés in Brno, Czech Republic. We are also on the road a lot. Coffee is part of our lifestyle and something we all have in common, including our brand ambassadors.

Rebelbean is here to provide the energy for those, who are not afraid to live their lives by their own rules. For people who are not a crowd followers, but they are Rebels with cause, just like us.


Optátova 547/1A, 637 00, Brno-Jundrov, Czech Republic



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