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Solid and sweet with notes of tropical fruits and milk chocolate You’ll find Astrid and her farm Buena Vista in Gaitania, the very south of Tolima. The high altitude and generous climate makes for perfect conditions for growing coffee. Despite this, the region was long overlooked due to its remote location, lack of infrastructure and the area’s suffering under the conflict with the guerilla.

Luckily, this is all in the past and we are seeing big improvements as Tolima is finally getting the attention it deserves. Astrid Medina won the Cup of Excellence in Colombia in 2015 which helped give the growers and the area it’s proper reputation. Besides being a stellar coffee producer, Astrid is also a power-house of strength and inspiration and we are happy and proud to be able to work with her and her coffee.

Röststätte exclusively offers a very special lot from Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia. Shekel Taye is a small single producer lot with a 0,14 hectares cultivation area.

The native Ethiopian varieties are grown on fertile soil with shade from Cordia africana and Ensete ventricosum trees. After the harvest by hand the coffee cherries are fermented for 36 hours and dried for 15 days on raised beds.

In the cup Shekel Taye is distinctively tea-like with rich notes of oolong, yellow stone fruits and macadamia.

ABOUT The Roaster

Small batch specialty coffee roaster from Gothenburg Sweden. After working with coffee for a combined 25 years Gabriella, Christian and Markus teamed up and started Morgon. We work with special coffee. It’s a product of extensive care and dedication, passed down from several generations.

We want to honor that work by interfering as little as possible, roasting carefully to bring out, and not weigh down the flavours. And by doing so, the coffee can tell its own story, coloured by its own heritage.

Morgon Coffee Roasters

Kran 42, Anders Carlssons Gata 30, 41755 Gothenburg, Sweden


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