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Situated on the slopes of Mt. Kenya and the Aberdares mountain range, Kagumoini washing station has around 1,000 smallholders as members who come to the station for cherry processing and agricultural learning. The station’s goal is to raise the standards of living for its members, with schooling facilities, farming classes and medical aid all available.

The region’s rich volcanic soils and good rainfall make it a particularly appealing place to grow coffee. All coffee is grown under shade with further crops for the farms to profit and live off alongside, such as bananas, beans and vegetables. A sustainable way of life for the farmers is at the heart of Kagumoini’s mission.

All coffee is handpicked before bringing to the factory for pulping. After a period of floatation to separate defects from the heavier sugar-rich beans, suitable beans are sent through channels to the fermentation tank. A first stage of fermentation is undertaken for around 24 hours, after which the beans are washed and sent to the secondary fermentation tank for another 12-24 hours. This helps control the fermentation and thus the quality of the end result. Once done, the beans are cleaned of all mucilage before entering soaking tanks for as long as another 24 hours. The crop is then taken out onto raised beds to dry in the sun. After an initial rapid drying stage of 6 hours, where up to 50% of the beans’ moisture is evaporated through spreading the beans thinly, they are then laid in thicker layers for the remaining drying which takes 5-10 days.

ABOUT The Roaster

Maude Coffee are a speciality micro roaster operating from our base under the railway lines of Leeds. We’re a small team of passionate individuals who all care deeply about showing the breadth and depth of coffee’s potential, both as a diverse, tasty product for your enjoyment first thing in the morning and as a sustainable livelihood for the farmer.

To that end, we aim to use only coffee that is highly traceable back to the grower, be it an estate, farm or microlot. This way we ensure an at all points ethical supply chain and know that those working to produce such good coffee are paid what they deserve and are rewarded with recognition for their efforts. We want the farmers we showcase to not just survive but thrive.

We exclusively offer single origin coffees, working very closely to the seasons of the coffee-growing world to ensure we buy and roast only the most freshly harvested green beans and produce the most flavoursome coffee that bean has the potential to be.

Maude Coffee Roasters

82-83 Railway Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 8HB UK


(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for KAGUMOINI AA Kenya

  1. massive_time

    An absolute beauty – super tasty with a great depth of flavour. One of the best I’ve tried

  2. Ross H

    Loved this coffee during every sip. Wonderful balance of everything I like in a flavor profile. I have kept the empty bag because it reminds of the two glorious weeks of coffee joy it provided.

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