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Hailing from the county of Kiambu just outside of Nairobi, this Kenyan coffee is quite special for two reasons.

Firstly, while estates such as Gulmarg did once produce the majority of coffee in the country, as the urban sprawl of Nairobi expanded into the surrounding countryside, such estates slowly shrank then reduced in number. Smallholder growing is the new order of the day, but historic estates such as Gulmarg do continue to exist and produce exceptional coffees.

Secondly, natural process coffees such as this are a rarity in Kenya, which has built a reputation on it’s fully washed coffees. As natural processing (or “special sundried” as it is referred to locally) is much more intensive, with greater risk of defects and mould if not monitored correctly, washed processing is a safer, somewhat easier option for local farmers. However, as estates such as Gulmarg have the manpower and greater ability to focus on such methods, they can be undertaken and produce exceptional coffees such as this one.

Ripe cherries are selectively harvested and floated to select only the ripest, highest quality cherries for processing. The cherries are placed in a single layer on raised African beds where they are dried in the sun for up to six weeks. The cherries are manually turned throughout this time to ensure they dry evenly and that any potential for mould is caught early. Once it has dried to the required level, it is rested before hulling (the removal of the dry cherry from the bean). A further quality check and hand-picking of the most flawless results are then bagged in GrainPros for export.

ABOUT The Roaster

Maude Coffee are a speciality micro roaster operating from our base under the railway lines of Leeds. We’re a small team of passionate individuals who all care deeply about showing the breadth and depth of coffee’s potential, both as a diverse, tasty product for your enjoyment first thing in the morning and as a sustainable livelihood for the farmer.

To that end, we aim to use only coffee that is highly traceable back to the grower, be it an estate, farm or microlot. This way we ensure an at all points ethical supply chain and know that those working to produce such good coffee are paid what they deserve and are rewarded with recognition for their efforts. We want the farmers we showcase to not just survive but thrive.

We exclusively offer single origin coffees, working very closely to the seasons of the coffee-growing world to ensure we buy and roast only the most freshly harvested green beans and produce the most flavoursome coffee that bean has the potential to be.

Maude Coffee Roasters

82-83 Railway Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 8HB UK

Use 1350 points to purchase this product!
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1 review for GULMARG AB Kenya (350g)

  1. massive_time

    VERY different to the other Maude Kenyan (which was washed)…this is really interesting with the tangy funky natural flavours. Maude are so reliable at bringing the heat.

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