ERATOI Timor Leste -Omni

by Manifesto Coffee


Flavour Profile

  • Watermelon
  • Apricot
  • Honeysuckle






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, ,






Flavour Categories

, ,


This particular coffee is grown organically beneath the shade of the Paraserianthes falcataria trees, native to East Timor and used especially for their qualities as shade-providing trees for coffee farming.

Farmgate price: US$2.95 per kilo of parchment.
That’s an almost 70% premium over the average in East Timor.

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Manifesto was founded on the principles of fairness, quality, environmental sustainability, and transparency. We seek out coffees we’re passionate about and roast them for balance, not acidity. We aim to source coffees that pay the farmers a fair price and disclose openly how much we pay and, where possible, how much the producers earn.


Courier Service – Royal Mail

[United Kingdom]
£2.95 for 1-5 bags

£7.00 for 1 bag
£8.25 for 2 bags
£9.40 for 3 bags
£10.30 for 4 bags
£11.35 for 5 bags

[Australia, New Zealand]
£12.95 for 1 bag
£16.20 for 2 bags
£19.55 for 3 bags
£22.75 for 4 bags
£25.85 for 5 bags

£14.88 for 1 bag
£17.43 for 2 bags
£20.88 for 3 bags
£24.03 for 4 bags
£26.68 for 5 bags

[Other Countries]
£11.00 for 1 bag
£13.75 for 2 bags
£16.55 for 3 bags
£19.00 for 4 bags
£21.25 for 5 bags

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Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, United States

Egypt, Morocco, Mauritius, South Africa

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