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Guatemalan coffee is on the up. While Brazil used to be known for simple cup profiles, Guatemala also has a stigma of producing less challenging coffees too. That said, there is now a growing number of farms focused on producing higher quality, more complex speciality grade coffees. ..


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Bosques de San Francisco is from a group of farms that is pioneering this new wave and we are we’re pretty proud to have sourced two of their coffees this season.

Why this coffee?

This particular coffee is one of four high-grade lots produced by Bosques de San Francisco this season. We chose this coffee as it represented some of the best we have ever tasted from Guatemala and knew it would shine as a high quality single origin espresso. Accessible but also very refined.

About the region / farm’s / producer:

The coffee region of Antigua is spread across a valley surrounded by three volcanoes, Agua (Water), Acatenango, and Fuego (Fire). The coffee grown in Antigua is enriched by the volcanic soil and tends to hold moisture well. The main shade tree used in Antigua is the gravilea, which helps protect the coffee from frost.

Marta Dalton runs Coffee Bird in the UK, a coffee importer from Guatemala. Her family honours its coffee growing heritage – the farm is currently being operated by the 5th and 6th generations. Coffee represents 214.64 hectares of the entire farm.

Bosques de San Francisco is a quarter of the original Dalton family farm, originally called Finca Filadelfia, which was the first coffee farm in Antigua. It was split into 4 unique farms upon the passing of the third generation of the Dalton family. Like most farms in Guatemala, Finca Filadelfia originally harvested cochineal. In 1864 the farm transitioned to coffee amidst a countrywide recession.

Manuel Matheu (Marta’s great great great grandfather) initially borrowed the land, where he planted some coffee in 1864. After his first harvest, he went to London to sell his crop. After returning from London where he achieved great success, he was commissioned by the President of Guatemala to show small farmers how to grow coffee. Thus the Antigua coffee growing region was born.


Bosques de San Francisco is a beautifully layered coffee with a rich but very smooth mouth feel. It’s honey sweet and very balanced. Coming from the Antigua region means that the altitude is fairy low (circa 1600 masl), so it’s not the brightest / acidic coffee out there. That said, it does provide a good level of complexity, which is what makes this coffee so interesting, unique and very tasty.

ABOUT The Roaster

Machina is an Edinburgh based coffee roaster focused on quality over quantity.
We are also equipment specialists and run our own cafes.


Unit 9 Peffermill Parc, 25 Kings Haugh, Edinburgh, EH16 5UY UK

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