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  • Spiced Apple
  • Red Currant
  • Cream





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The Picacho was named after the volcanic mountain side from where this coffee was farmed in the municipality of Nejapa, San Salvador. …

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The Picacho was grown on the ‘El Cipres estate’ where 90 hectares are dedicated to growing speciality coffee using coffee techniques dating back to the 1880’s brought by Columbian farming migrants. Being well established and with a strong dedication to trade the estate has gained acclaim with Rainforest Alliance Certification.


The Picacho has been produced using the unique macerated natural process. The coffee cherries are sealed and marinated in their own juices for 24 hours after picking before being washed and dried on raised beds for a day. This results in a fruity coffee with a heavier cream body. The Picacho boasts flavours of spiced apple and red currant with a creamy finish. Perfectly suited for the crisp winter weather sun.


This is a perfect candidate for multi-use brewing due to its versatillity. As such it is omni-roasted one way for both filter and espresso based drinks. Our picks for this are either the french press/cafetiere or as an espresso base for your milk drinks for extra body.

We recommend consuming this coffee between weeks 2 to 4 after its roast date, but of course, try it before or after too.

ABOUT The Roaster

At Long & Short Coffee our story is simple.

With a passion for all things coffee we aim to bring the finest and most unique coffees to the masses.

We prioritise quality in every step of the process from bean to cup, from picking the highest scoring green beans to expertly roasting the freshest harvests.

All with the goal to raise coffee standards everywhere and give you the humble coffee drinker the best coffee in your cup.

That’s the Long & Short of it.

Long & Short Coffee

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