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Sweet and juicy with the taste of grapefruit and peach. Floral with hints of jasmine.Produced by the Kanketi family at the Wedeykejima Farm, Yirgacheffe, right by the Abaya Sea 2100 m. The farm is located in the village of Wedeykejima and was established in 2010. It is located at 1800 meters above sea level in eastern Yirgacheffe near Lake Abaya. The soil is volcanic, the microclimate is dry and partly warm. The bean types are identified in two variants; 74112 (high mountain variety) and 1377 (planted locally in 1974).

The manager of the farm, Hagi Elemo, has worked with coffee for the past 40 years and understands the need for the over 80,000 trees he is responsible for: Organic farming methods Planting of shade trees Purchase of organic materials for fertilizers: wood chips, straw, manure, etc. Own production of organic compost Artificial pond for watering on the farm Planting new trees as early as April to prepare them for the rainy season. Harvesting between the harvest of coffee of bananas, peas and beans 55 of the total 85 hectares were planted 3 years ago and have only now begun to produce crops. Large production is expected from here in the next five years.

ABOUT The Roaster

LIPPE AS is founded by Alexander and Pia von der Lippe. With a passion for coffee and the love and concern for customers, the company has gained recognition over the years as one of Oslo’s top roasteries. Coffees from LIPPE are clean, elegant and delicious.


Rosenholmveien 6, 1252 Oslo, Norway


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