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Beriti Tore

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Very aromatic natural coffee from one of our favorite regions – Yirgacheffe. Very large body, rich aromas and strong fruity acidity. You will find notes of strawberries, chocolate and flowers.

Beriti Washing Station

There are about 600 producers in the region who are served by Beriti Washing Station, many of whom own less than 1 hectare of farmland on which they typically grow other crops like bananas and corn. The washing station was founded in the year 2000, and produces both Natural and Washed lots. Producers deliver the coffee in cherry form, and it will be sorted from there and prepared for processing. Natural coffees are both dried on raised beds: It takes between 8–20 days for the Naturals depending on the sun access and temperature.

ABOUT The Roaster

We are a small coffee roastery from Bulgaria.

We are inspired by the hard work that goes into producing, the complexity of roasting and the culture of enjoying great coffee. In sourcing our coffee we look for high quality, traceability and transparency. In roasting we look for sweetness, consistency and balance. We believe that great coffee should be accessible to everyone.

KOMETA Coffee Roasters

Vasil Levski 10, Svoge, Bulgaria

Use 748 points to purchase this product!


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