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Mitad del Mundo is grown by 20 small holders around the village of Loja, Ecuador. The famers grow coffee on their own farms, then bring it to a micro-mill where it is processed. They ferment the beans for 15 to 24 hours in cement tanks, then dry them on a shade covered patio to ensure that the drying process is even.

This coffee is a mix of three varieties Typica, Caturra, and Bourbon. The fertile soil, and high elevation of the mountains result in a beautifully juicy flavour notes of fresh fruit. We’re so excited to offer you again a truly unique cup from Ecuador!

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At Keen, we are constantly searching for the best coffees and the most unique flavor profiles. We work directly with farmers, sampling their coffees through cuppings, selecting new crops, and supporting new, innovative projects to improve the quality of our coffees.

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