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This Costa Rica undergoes anaerobic process, since everything is done in stainless steel containers, totally closed. The cherries must be very ripe with a precise measurement of six degrees of their mucilage; after the picking the pulp of the coffee is removed, and it (with all its mucilage) is placed in the center of the fermentation  tank…


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Then, after  selecting the coffee, those that will be the donors of the mucilage for the anaerobic coffee are depulped and the parchment is passed through the desmusilaginadora, well pressed to obtain the mucilage gel, which is then added inside the fermentation tanks where we had placed the other coffee. The amount of gel should be enough to cover the entire parchment, after having mixed well the tank is  tightly sealed. It is very important that the tank is completely closed because if this is not the Co2 escapes.

ABOUT The Roaster

His Majesty the Coffee is a micro-roastery established in 2013 Italy. Quality and innovation-oriented, one of the first Italian roastery dealing only with speciality coffee.

The founder Paolo Scimone has a complex personality, his mind is always oriented toward innovation and his soul is rooted in Italian soil with all its creativity and tradition.  He also dedicates time to research and development with his staff every week.

His Majesty the Coffee

Via Cellini 17, 20852 Villasanta (MB) Italy

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