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Creamy aromas of milk chocolate, blackberries and black tea. On the palate, it is a balanced and sweet coffee with notes of strawberries, peach, vanilla and lots of honey. Nice tactile and very juicy.

During our last trip to Colombia, we decided to focus on the Department of Huila, considered one of the best areas in the country for the growth and good performance of the coffee plant. This region is characterized by its abundant biodiversity and countless water springs, which is why it is one of the areas with the largest number of protected territories in the country. Here, we work together with Coocentral, a cooperative that focuses their action in the municipality of Garzón. Their main values are total transparency and being close to the producers, whatever their size and needs are, with the aim of promoting their economic benefits.

This is the case of José Heider and Andrés, the Contreras brothers, whom we visited back at the village of Filo Salazar, a farm they have inherited and to which they dedicate all their time. Both have a clear vision focused on the production of specialty coffee and the have invested on a good infrastructure for their development and production. With the intention of going further, we have supported them buying a few fermentation tanks and some other tools to improve the drying of their coffees. Their production focuses on different varieties, mainly Caturra and Castillo. José Heider and Andrés are the clear example of the small group of young producers in the municipality of Guadalupe to take over this generational business by betting on progress and innovation in the processes.

The process of this coffee is experimental and exclusive for Right Side. It starts with the collection of the cherries by hand selecting only the ripe fruit. Afterwards, the cherries are left to rest for 12 hours. Once this stage is completed, the coffee beans are depulped by applying several layers of cáscara while the coffee is left to rest again during 48 hours. Finally, the coffee is washed and moved to the dry area where it is left to dry under controlled temperature.

ABOUT The Roaster

We are a small but solid, socially responsible team with one particular passion: we want to share with you extraordinary flavors.

We want you to rediscover and really enjoy your daily cup of coffee. Our work resembles that of a chef working with a single ingredient – specialty coffee. Our day-to-day efforts are focussed on creating the very best quality we can offer through our system of roast-to-order so as to always be able to provide our customers with the freshest coffee possible. We have been active since 2012 focused, mainly, on improving our roasting profiles to achieve the best result in cup as possible.

Right now, our goal is to find producers who share our vision about quality and nowadays an 85% of our coffees are direct trade. At Right Side Coffee traceability, as well as social and environmental sustainability are of great concern to us – our goal is to achieve full transparency in how we trade and acquire each and every lot. It’s important to us that every person, being one link in the value chain, receives a fair return for the work they put in.

We do not pay prices that are dictated by the stock market but make sure the amount we pay, reflects the quality of the lots that we buy. In some cases, that can amount to 5 or even 10 times the price at world market level.

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