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Rwanda Baho blend it’s a classic breakfast coffee. It’s caramel and nutty-like notes with contrasting it lime taste will give us well-balanced, full of interesting flavors drink. Because of it’s nature and process, Rwanda will be perfect for your house conditions, especially for a batch brew. It will be appreciated by people who likes intense and full of flavors coffee with a nutty sweetness.

This is the second Rwanda in our offer from Emmanuel Rustaria. Let us remind you that Emmanuel owns four processing stations: Fugi, Muzo, Humure and Bugoyi. With a bold approach to experimenting with coffee on farms and in mills, Emmanuel, with the help of his family, continues to improve the quality of his product. Hard work and full commitment of the Rustaria family, contributed to the production of high quality coffee.

ABOUT The Roaster

Our origins date back to 2009 when Kofeina Art Cafe was founded in Opole. HBCR is directly connected to the owners and employees of this unique place, which in 2016 received the Speciality Coffee Association award as the best Polish Specialty coffee house.

The 10 years of experience in Specialty Coffee industry gave start to the idea of founding Hard Beans Coffee Roasters – a coffee roasting plant specializing in the processing of high quality coffee.

In the future, we are planning to deliver not only coffee-related products but also coffee-based beverages. HBCR is made up of people with passion who share common love. Love for good coffee.

Hard Beans Coffee Roasters

Ul. Armii Krajowej 35, 45-071 Opole, Poland


Use 735 points to purchase this product!


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