Taster Set #O1


3 X 60g coffee of featured roasters:

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For four years, The Right Roast has been travelling the world finding, reviewing and promoting third wave coffee.

For a while we could see that many of you wanted to taste the coffees we were getting, so we came up with the idea for The Right Roast Taster Set: three samples of light roast, single-origin coffee chosen by us, delivered straight to your door.

Inside each Taster Set box you’ll find 3 X 60g samples of coffee (usually from three different roasters). That will mean you get 4-6 cups of coffee per bag.

Each coffee will be paired with exclusive videos featuring:
-The story behind the coffee
-Interviews with the roasters and the team
-More information about the town the coffee came from
-Brew guides, recipe tips and flavour profile analyses

And we include exclusive discount codes with each Taster Set to use through our webshop, so you can get more of the coffee you like for less.

TASTE the coffees
SEE the videos
GET more with discounts

The Right Roast Taster Set
A new kind of coffee subscription

We can now reveal that our three roasters are:
01 Catalyst Coffee Roasters
02 Assembly Coffee
03 Saint Espresso

The first edition had a very limited number and we’re now sold out!