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This coffee is a beautiful reflection of the fact that the days of drab coffees from Brazil are long gone. Whether black or milky, fazenda Cedro’s coffee is just great.

Ana Cecilia Velloso is the fourth generation managing this family farm. Already their great grandfather founded São Luiz Estate in 1969. Ana realizes that only the natural quality of coffee is not enough and innovation is the way to go. That is why she has been focusing on the financial and environmental sustainability of the farm for several years now, as well as quality control and the separation of lots, but especially the care of its 28 employees who have been working on the farm since her grandfather.

ABOUT The Roaster

At black. we recognise coffee as a complex fruit with twice as many aromas as wine. Our goal is to prepare clean cup with natural coffee flavour profile achieved by excellent roasting. The beans are always prepared on the best quality machines accompanied by well-trained staff who focus on origin, varietal, processing and story behind each cup.
As we change our coffee regularly it is so beautiful to see how people react to them and are able to enjoy each cup with a smile on their faces.


Gorkého 15, 81101 Bratislava, Slovakia

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