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Magomano Factory is operated by the Muhara Farmers Cooperative Society, which has a total active membership of 896 who deliver to two factories in Kiambu. The total farmland represented by this membership is 468 hectares, with each producer owning an average of less than 1 hectare in order to grow coffee as well as other crops such as corn, yam, and tea. This region has very deep red volcanic soils and is east of the Rift Valley, in the foothills of the Aberdare mountain ridge.

ABOUT The Roaster

Awaken produces beautiful, freshly roasted specialty coffee based on four flavour profiles with an unmatched attention to detail. Each lot is carefully selected, profiled and cupped rigorously before being made available to you.
We believe in constant pursuit of perfection because this mentality drives us to relentlessly work and learn towards the most enjoyable representation of a particular coffee and an always outstanding customer experience.

*Roast days are Tuesday and Wednesday and we ship on Thursdays. Please note, that coffee orders later than Tuesday, will be roasted and shipped the next week only.


Hajdu street 36, 2890 Tata, Hungary

Use 1115 points to purchase this product!


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