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Milan Coffee Scene

This time, our destination was a gorgeous city of Milan, Italy and it was at Christmas time! On this trip we attended Milan Coffee Festival, took a roadtrip with some frIends and visited a few roasteries and cafes.

25/12/2019 :NEW!

Tokyo Coffee Scene -Part 1

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Berlin Coffee Scene

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Special Events

World Of Coffee 2019

We visited the World Of Coffee Event in Berlin to meet many of Europes best coffee roasters, discover new coffees and catch up with the movers and shakers in the world of Specialty coffee.

How to

How does a coffee process affect the flavour?

Coffee begins its life as a sticky multi-layered fruit. To remove it all and get a nice clean coffee bean ready for roasting requires one of several special methods or processes. The coffees character is…

Coffee Season Special

7 Ethiopian Coffees

It’s Ethiopian coffee season so we’ve picked seven different filter coffees from roasters across Europe to compare and discuss.

Tell us your views on these coffees or Ethiopian coffees in general!


To discuss some of what to expect in Burundi coffee I compare two coffees from one source but different lots and by different roasters.