Episode 76 Jacobsen & Svart -Two Geishas

For the new episode I focus on two different Geisha varietals by Jacobsen Og Svart. One a Panama honey process, the other a Hacienda Esmeralda where the beans were frozen immediately after roasting. So what are Geisha beans? Why are they so special? I discuss this and more with two James Wise head of coffee at Treves & Hyde and Ryan Coker head of coffee at Saint Espresso. Both highly talented, James recently won the Coffee Masters competition and Ryan has recently been roasting some Geisha beans himself so both prove excellent people to share with and talk about it all.

The Coffees:

Geisha No.1

Origin: Panama
Region: Los La Jones
Process: Honey
Varietal: Geisha

Geisha No.2

Origin: Panama
Region: Hacienda Esmeraralda
Process: Natural
Varietal: Geisha


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