Episode 5: ‘Budin’, Brooklyn

For my first episode in the USA I visit the fairly new Budin cafe in Greenpoint, Brookly. Set apart from the majority of third wave cafe’s in the area (mainly Williamsburg in Brooklyn). The coffee I try is Dumerso (the name of the wetmill) ‘Mr. Sofari’ (the wetmill owner) from Tim Wendelboe. It’s a Yirgachefe (region) from Ethiopia (that’s a country in Africa). Too many names if you ask me but it’s the taste that matters.


114 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn
NY 11222 USA

Mon -Thu: 7:00 – 0:00
Fri: 7:00 – 1:00
Sat: 8:00 – 1:00
Sun 8:00 – 0:00

More info:

The Coffee: ‘Tim Wendelboe’