Week #25 Assembly Coffee

assembly background

Assembly Coffee was created with the purpose of building their brand through openly working with people from a handful of independent cafes. By having this community of creativity to work with1 Assembly have established themselves quickly as a dynamic and exciting coffee roasters.


Assembly Coffee have created a unique design for their branding. For each different coffee they have a different piece of art which reflects the flavour experience of the coffee itself. This then of course was the inspiration for our ad.

‘London Coffee Festival 2016’

In this episode I interviewed Nick Mabey the head of quality at Aseembly Coffee.

Week #21 Round Hill Roastery

roundhill logo background

Round Hill first came to our attention a few years ago with an exciting Kenyan filter coffee and ever since we have been enjoying their work. They have been continuously producing exciting, unique and delicious coffees. It is a testament to their great coffee that they go from strength to strength in an ever more competitive market and today stand as one of the UK’s fastest growing specialty coffee roasters.

‘Rainbow’ Commercial

Coffee Tasting #7: Three Round Hill Roastery Filter Coffees

Week #20 Strangers Coffee Company

strangers logo background

When our friend Cieran moved to Norwich he said he would have some interesting coffee for us to try at his new job. Sure enough he sent us some from his new job at Strangers Coffee Company and they were just as he said, really delicious and interesting.
For week 20 we picked two that were very distinct. A Kenyan with the sweetest grape juiciness all of it own and a totally tropical natural sweet and boozy Ethiopian. Wild Things coming from the Midlands!
We also used the hashtag #LetICool as a theme to remind people that there are hidden flavours at lower temperatures of coffee.

‘Strangers In The Dark’ Commercial

Week #12 Cast Iron Coffee Roasters

cast iron logo background

Cast Iron first got our attention a couple of years ago with wonderfully sharp Burundi coffee called Munkaze. From then on we have had the pleasure of working regularly with Cast Iron. Owner and roaster Guy Spurr is very passionate and a often a complete workaholic. This year Guy is achieving new levels of excellence with an amazing Kenyan and his double Panama geishas already proving masterful too means Cast Iron is definitely one to watch.

Week #13 Weanie Beans

weanie beans logo background

Weanie beans is the creation of North London roaster Adeline Vining. She arrived on the scene early and has grown steadily. We first discovered her work at Second Shot cafe and were very impressed by the silky smooth Guatemalan coffee. Weanie beans by name, mighty beans by nature!

'Bean there..' Latest episode @weaniebeans out now! **Link in bio?**

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Week #15 Curve Coffee Roasters

curve logo background

Based in Margate, Kent Curve Coffee Roasters are an exciting young roastery with some great coffees that caught our attention. We picked two that stood out as bold and creative single origins-a Kenyan & Ethiopian. Very cool logo too!

‘The Roasting Curve’ Commercial

Episode 44: Beginners Guide To Brewing…With Raf

This video with coffee roaster & consultant Rafael Mlodzianowski serves as a beginners guide to brewing and some tips on how to avoid too much ‘improvising’.


The flavour wheel is a very clever tool for identifying tasting notes and organising them into different categories. There are 3 rings denoting the three levels of specificity of what you can taste. This particular one is very elegant and feels as well designed as the periodic table or tube map.
The curve Coffee episode is the first time we introduce it as a device in the show.

Week #16 Craft House Coffee

craft coffee house logo small

Maverick coffee roaster Tom Osborne started Craft House Coffee in his spare time in West Sussex but has nonetheless bagged some great beans and is creating some exciting coffees. We picked two outstanding coffees with wonderfully balanced flavours and texture including Fazenda Pantano which was one of the best Brazilian coffees this year.

‘Recipe’ Commercial