s&h background

Solberg & Hansen established in 1879 which makes them by far the oldest specialty coffee roasters we’ve ever reviewed. The two coffees we have were runners-up at the Nordic Roaster Forum competition (second only to Tim Wendleboe) and both exceptional in their own way.

‘Time’ Commercial

Solberg & Hansen were established in 1879 which makes them one of the oldest coffee roasters we’ve ever worked with. The challenge in this ad was to convey their deep history without getting too technical or laden with information-keeping it simple is always key.

Episode 23:’Nordic Roaster Forum 2015′

The Nordic Roaster Forum is an annual event hosted by The Factory Roast lab and runs in conjunction with the Nordic Barista Cup.
It was my first time at a coffee forum and for such an intimate event I was amazed at the amount of high level experts attending. Spanning three days with more cuppings and talks than one person can handle, it is considered widely to be a key seminar on most coffee roasters calendar.


This is a fake certificate we created to show people the prestigious nature of these coffees.

Week #18 Jacu Coffee Roasters


Jacu are a Norwegian roastery nestled in the town of Alesund. The founders are also graphic designers and it shows with their brilliant logo and very elegant overall. With perhaps the largest selection of filter coffees available, we were spoiled for choice. In the end we picked four, each with a distinct, complex style. Only running since 2011 but are already doing incredible stuff. #NorwegianGood